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Grace Chow’s latest selfie surprises fans of Show Luo

Her resemblance to the singer was almost uncanny

Grace Chow’s latest selfie surprises fans of Show Luo

Couples in a long-term relationship tend to pick up small habits of their significant other, from the way they speak, to the way they act. For celebrity couple Show Luo and Grace Chow however, it seems that the pair are starting to mirror each other in a different way – their appearance.

Earlier this week, Grace uploaded a selfie on Instagram, showing off her brown locks, accentuated with a bold red lip. As her surroundings were dimly-lit, her eyebrows appeared to be darker than normal, and her double eyelids, more pronounced. As a result, she bore an almost uncanny resemblance to her beau, Show Luo.

In her caption, Grace herself acknowledged the resemblance, writing, “Hi, you’re not following the wrong person, this is Grace.” The comments section soon flooded with fans marvelling at their resemblance, with Show himself leaving a comment too.

“Why did you post my picture?” he commented.

Soon after, Grace replied jokingly, “It's just that… I don’t have a recent photo to post, so I stole a couple from your phone to use.”

Photos: PBE Media

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