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Grace Chan has not showered or washed her hair in two weeks

The new mother attended an event in the middle of her confinement period

Grace Chan has not showered or washed her hair in two weeks

Grace Chan made a public appearance at the opening ceremony of a cafe in Hong Kong on February 27, just two weeks after giving birth to her son Rafael on Valentine's Day.

The actress, who is in the middle of her confinement period, said that she'd spent the previous two weeks at home doing nothing but eating and sleeping. When she told her husband, actor Kevin Cheng, that she wanted to go out to attend this event, he told her to be careful and to be back in one or two hours.

Grace admitted that she's been adhering to the belief that new mothers should not shower or wash their hair during their confinement period. "I've only been wiping myself clean," she said, adding with a laugh, "It's actually very convenient, and I'm afraid I won't be able to break out of that habit!"

Many of Grace's friends have been visiting her, but they do not dare to carry baby Rafael because he is so small. She also revealed that Kevin is completely smitten with his son, and would hug and kiss Rafael every day. "Whenever he runs into a problem with bathing him or changing his diapers, he would immediately ask for help," she shared.

Grace then shared that Rafael looks more like Kevin, and that they have already given them a Chinese name: Zheng Cheng Yue, which means they want to promise him a happy life.

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