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Golden Zhang speaks up for wife Christy Chung

The actress had come under fire after promoting an oil cleanse

Golden Zhang speaks up for wife Christy Chung

Canadian-born actress Christy Chung’s recent post on social media left fans and netizens alike confused, after the 48-year-old claimed that the 11-day oil cleanse she had gone on was capable of curing a plethora of diseases, including diabetes and high blood pressure.

Soon after her initial post, Christy had posted a clarification, which read, “Everyone has different habits and customs to preserve their own health, I merely wanted to share my own experience, and something that I feel is a better way (to preserve health). I had absolutely no ill intentions.”

On Sunday (February 3), Christy’s husband, Chinese actor Golden Zhang also stood up for his wife, saying that they were not careful with their words, and that they only wanted to share their thoughts on fasting, only for it to turn into an extolling of the healing effects of said fast. “Everyone, please do not delay your visit to the doctors (if you are ill), because of our words,” he wrote, adding, 'If you’re ill, please see the doctor’ thrice, to underline the importance of his words.

Golden and Christy tied the knot in 2016, after meeting and falling in love on the reality dating show, If You Love.

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