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Gillian Chung Is All Bridal Inspo With Her LA Wedding Photos

Move over, Meghan Markle.

Gillian Chung Is All Bridal Inspo With Her LA Wedding Photos
Click on to see all the photos from her LA wedding.

“Everyone knows it’s hard for Gillian to get married,” Hongkong entertainment mogul Albert Yeung once said.

His influential Emperor Entertainment Group created Twins, the Cantopop duo comprising Gillian Chung, 37, and Charlene Choi, 35.

After Gillian’s 2008 sex scandal with Hongkong bad boy Edison Chen, her innocent, virginal image was tarnished and she was deemed ‘unmarriable’, even by (ouch) her boss.

Well, Gillian has the last laugh now — not only did she get hitched to super hawt 29-year-old Taiwanese cosmetologist Michael Lai (who’s a dead ringer for American-Taiwanese actor Sunny Wang) after less than a year of dating, photos from her lavish million-dollar wedding in Los Angeles will convert even the most cynical into romantic saps.

The private bash was held at a ballroom in the Millennium Biltmore luxury hotel, which was festooned with purple and pink flowers. And Gillian’s bridal #squad included bandmate Charlene Choi as well as fellow Hongkong singers Joey Yung and Yumiko Cheng.

Rather than toss her wedding bouquet to her bridesmaids to catch in a free-for-all, Gillian specially made a beeline for Charlene and gave the flowers to her — apparently so that she could walk down the aisle with her mahjong scion billionaire boyfriend too. A moved Charlene also said, "Even though you're Mrs Lai now, you will always be my Little Gill."

While Gillian and Michael’s US wedding was not officiated — the couple will hold (a presumably even grander) official wedding in Hongkong this September, Gillian still pulled out all the stops in her ravishing Jenny Packham gown.

Not that she has to worry about the cost of holding this FOMO-inducing shindig, ’cos Albert Yeung reportedly felt so bad about his tactless remark on Gillian’s marriage prospects that he promised to pay for her wedding expenses.

Gillian also Weibo-ed photos of herself after the party in a customised tee from Japanese streetwear label Bape, which showed a cartoonised graphic of Gillian and her beau dressed in their wedding looks.

The lead-up to the wedding was also not without some good ol’ drama: Gillian’s good friend, Taiwanese singer Rainie Yang, lashed out at netizens after they repeatedly asked if she was attending Gillian’s wedding. “Can you stop asking? Is it really important [whether I attend her wedding]?” she snapped. Touché.

Although she did not make it to Gillian’s LA nuptials as she reportedly had another wedding party to attend, Rainie is said to be going for the Hongkong bash. And we all know that’s the event that matters, right?

Meanwhile, Michael’s ex-wife, Taiwanese blogger Ivy Chao — the couple reportedly divorced a mere six months after getting married — also Instagrammed a cryptic post with the line: “We spend a lot of anger on unworthy people… If we want the people we love to be happy and safe, we must make a little effort to wish others happiness.” Hmm.

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