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George Lam’s Yoga-Loving Mum Dies At 99

The singer said his mum was very trendy and had cultivated his love for music by making him listen to Elvis Presley songs.

George Lam’s Yoga-Loving Mum Dies At 99

George Lam’s musician son, Alex, 37, took to his Instagram account yesterday (Jan 17) to leave a short but really sweet message in memory of his grandma, who passed away at the age of 99.

“Rest in peace grand mama. Always will remember your special smile and gleam in your eyes! Sparkling and radiant! I remember when I was young you [showed] me all your colourful jewellery and yoga! You were the first person I ever saw do yoga! You are amazing,” wrote Alex, who like his dad, is also a singer and actor.

Alex also shared three pictures of his grandma, one of her holding a cake topper labelled “Mama Lam” and another two of her doing yoga poses in her youth.

Mama Lam was quite the yoga expert

Last October, during his appearance on TVB variety show Letters To Home, George, 75, revealed that his mother had taken ill and was in the hospital.

While helping his mum clear up her home, he found a letter that he wrote to her when he was only 16 years old.

George had sent her the letter when she was based in the United States for work.

In the letter, George told his mum that both him and his younger brother were doing well in Hong Kong, and included updates about his dad. He also mentioned how happy he was to receive the school bag that his mum had sent over, and expressed how much he missed her by reminding her to not overwork herself, and to not worry about them.

George always felt that his mum was very trendy. Not only did she know how to dance, she was also quite the yoga expert.

George’s mum also played a part in cultivating his interest in music from a young age.

She would take him out to watch Elvis Presley films and put on songs by the King of Rock and Roll. As a result, George started to dress up as Elvis and mimic his performances when he was 10.

It cemented his passion and love for music over the years, and inspired him to pursue a career as a singer.

George and his mum in 2021

Photos: entertainment.mpw/ Instagram, Alex Lam/ Instagram, Singing With Legends S3/ YouTube



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