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Gary Chaw & Wife Announce Divorce After 14 Years Of Marriage

Can't say we didn't see this coming.
Gary Chaw & Wife Announce Divorce After 14 Years Of Marriage

On Saturday (Nov 26), Malaysian singer Gary Chaw, 43, took to his Instagram to announce his divorce from Taiwanese fashion blogger Wu Shuling, 43.

Gary and Shuling were married for 14 years, and have a 14-year-old son, Joe, and a 12-year-old daughter, Grace. 

Just last month, Gary admitted that he and his wife are having "a cold war" and that he's not sure if they would be able to spend the rest of their lives together. 

In their joint statement, the couple said: “On our journey together, there have been many beautiful memories. In the second half of our marriage, we were frequently unable to understand each other, which led to much soul-searching.”

However, they also emphasised that "no one was right or wrong" and that they had "worked hard together in this marriage and the 14 years in each other’s life cannot be erased.”

Gary and his ex-wife Shuling

After the announcement, Shuling also released a statement through her manager, saying: "Ending our marriage is a new beginning for us both, we'll continue to care for each other as friends!"

She also urged netizens to show them more support and encouragement instead of criticism, and thanked everyone for their concern.

Gary similarly thanked everyone for their concern through his manager.

Their divorce was something many saw coming.

During his recent concert, when performing Heavenly King Jacky Cheung's hit song 'Li Xiang Lan', Gary admitted that "[his] heart is just like this song, empty."

Prior to the divorce announcement, Gary also posted a picture of himself with his beloved pooch. He wrote: "Bobo says: everything is going to be ok. Everyone is going to be ok."

It led netizens to think that Gary was prepping himself for the announcement. 

Lan Hsin-Mei knew the couple were in the midst of a divorce

Taiwanese host Lan Hsin-Mei, whom Gary previously accused of "taking [his] wife out" to meet guys, said she knew Shuling was preparing for a divorce.

Despite her marriage problems, Shuling, who's part of the cast of Hsin-Mei's hit variety show Lady First (女人我最大), still attended the latter's birthday celebration earlier this month.

Hsin-Mei said she had asked Shuling about her relationship with Gary, and Shuling simply said: "Big sister, don't worry."

According to Hsin-Mei, Shuling told her she and Gary had discussed the divorce in a calm manner. Shuling also didn't look too affected by the situation. 

"It's been really difficult for them as a couple all these years," said Hsin-Mei, adding that Gary and Shuling may be better suited as good friends.

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