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Gaile Lok is the fittest celebrity mother-to-be

The model is seven months pregnant, but still does chin-ups with ease

Gaile Lok is the fittest celebrity mother-to-be

Hong Kong model Gaile Lok may be seven months pregnant, but that definitely isn’t keeping her from keeping up with her fitness regime.

The 38-year-old caused a stir online when she uploaded pictures of herself at the gym doing chin-ups. Her feat elicited a mix of admiration and worry from her fans, with some urging Gaile to take care of her unborn child.

Recently, she shared a picture from her maternity shoot, sharing that she has gained a total of 7.7 kilograms and is currently seven months pregnant. Despite being in her third trimester, Gaile was also seen striking yoga poses during the shoot.

The model tied the knot with businessman Ian Chu in 2017. Last November, she confirmed that she’s currently expecting her first child, a baby boy. She was previously married to Hong Kong singer-actor Leon Lai from 2008 to 2012.

Photos: PBE Media

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