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Francis Ng Encourages His 14-Year-Old Son To Go After Aaron Kwok’s Daughter

Guess what was the Heavenly King’s response?

Hong Kong actor Francis Ng, 61, and his son Feynman, 14, have a really cute relationship.

The pair, who took part in Chinese reality show Where Are We Going Dad? 2 in 2014, enjoy trolling each other online.

So we are not surprised that Francis would suggest that Feynman go after one of Aaron Kwok’s daughters. Well, sorta.

Trying to matchmake their kids

Recently, a video of an interview that Francis and Aaron did in June began making the rounds online.

In the interview, Aaron shared that he would most likely receive drawings from his two daughters, four-year-old Chantelle and three-year-old Charlotteon Father’s Day as his girls like to draw. 

When Francis heard this, he asked in surprise: “What? Two?” to which Aaron replied: “Yes, I have two daughters.”

After getting over the initial shock, Francis asked: "With such a handsome dad, how can your daughters find a boyfriend?"

When Aaron replied awkwardly: "I have no idea too,” Francis jumped in excitement, exclaiming: “Feynman, go for it!"

Seeing this, Aaron was at a loss for words and slowly edged away from Francis.

Looks like Aaron ain't too keen on the suggestion

Unbeknownst to Feynman, the video went viral, and the teen was surprised to learn that he had become a trending topic on Weibo.

When he found out it was thanks to what his dad said in the interview, he quipped on Weibo: “You're almost 90 years old, old enough to be my great-grandfather, stop being addicted to the internet… Why did you [spend money to] buy [searches]? It’s okay, as long as you are happy, everything is worth it.”

Netizens were tickled by Feynman’s post and jokingly chided him for not being appreciative of what his dad had done for him.

"He is finding a partner for you [yet] you still have so much to say," wrote one netizen, while another suggested that his idol Jay Chou's daughter seven-year-old Hannah is suitable for him too.

When asked if he would consider going after the Aaron’s daughter, Feynman replied: “I think I should leave quietly..." referencing the Heavenly King’s hit song.

Photos: Francis Ng/Weibo, Sinchew, YouTube



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