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Francis Ng ‘Apologises' After His Mexican Goalkeeper Lookalike Does Poorly In World Cup Match Against Argentina

He agrees he looks like Mexican goalie Guillermo Ochoa.

Nobody felt Mexico’s World Cup loss against Argentina harder than Hong Kong actor Francis Ng, 60. After all, it was his doppelgänger, goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa, 37, who allegedly put on a poor performance on November 27, resulting in the loss. The match ended in a 2-0 loss for Mexico.

And so, the ever-witty Francis took to Weibo a day after the match to jokingly ‘apologise' on Guillermo’s behalf.

Sharing a picture of Guillermo, Francis wrote: “Sorry, I just managed to recover, I’ve tried my best, why did I give [Argentinean footballer Lionel] Messi a chance to shoot! There were so many people in front of me that they blocked my vision. In the next game against Saudi Arabia, I’ll make sure not to lose [my wits],” he wrote in his caption.

Finally, Francis ‘broke character’ for a bit, going on to advertise that he’ll be appearing on a variety show soon, and urging netizens to show their support.

Killing two birds with one stone.

Fans were amused by Francis’ post, with some cautioning Francis to “focus on football” instead of posting on social media.

One fan also noted that the last time Francis posted was on September 24, and praised the actor, laughing that it must be 'cos Francis was at the World Cup.

In any case, it looks like Francis’ apology did the trick. Mexico eventually prevailed in their match against Saudi Arabia on November 30, beating Saudi Arabia 2-1. Unfortunately, Mexico did not manage to advance from the group stages, eventually missing out on the last 16 on goal difference. But hey, Francis (and Guillermo) tried his best, didn’t he?

Yep, there's definitely some sort of a resemblance there.

Francis first got to know of his footballer doppelgänger back in 2014, when Hong Kong fans noted Guillermo’s resemblance to Francis.

Back then, the actor shared that he doesn’t really follow the World Cup, but did acknowledge their resemblance.

It now seems like he’s fully rooting for his doppelgänger and his team.

Photos: PBE Media, Francis Ng/Weivo



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