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Foreign celebs in local dramas

We take a look at some overseas stars who shone on our shores

Foreign celebs in local dramas

<p>Channel 8’s newest <a target="_blank" href="… drama</a> <em>Old is Gold</em> is set to begin airing next Tuesday (May 28). In addition to the <span class="underline"><a target="_blank" href="… local cast</a></span> (there’s <span class="underline"><a target="_blank" href="… En</a></span>, Chen Li Ping, Chen Han Wei, and Felicia Chin, to name a few), the series will also feature special appearances by <span class="underline"><a target="_blank" href="… Kong actress Louise Lee</a></span> (who previously worked with Rui En in <em><span class="underline"><a target="_blank" href="">The In-Laws</a></span></em>) and Chinese actress Cheng Pei Pei.</p>
<p>These two respected thespians are just the latest in a growing line of overseas celebrities who have travelled to Singapore to appear in our very own homegrown productions. Read on for more!</p>
<p><em>Old is Gold debuts on May 28 and airs weeknights at 7.30pm on Channel 8 and Toggle.</em></p>

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