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Feng Shaofeng opens up about his relationship with Zanilia Zhao

He revealed that Zanilia often draws his eyebrows for him

Feng Shaofeng opens up about his relationship with Zanilia Zhao

Reel-to-real-life couple Feng Shaofeng and Zanilia Zhao recently gave a joint interview to promote the currently airing drama, The Story of Ming Lan, in which they star together.

In the interview, Shaofeng was very forthcoming about the relationship between him and Zanilia, and even imitated how Zanilia laughs at one point. When tasked to help Zanilia draw her eyebrows, Shaofeng fretted and said that it was "very stressful”. Though the end result caused Zanilia to look like the cartoon character Crayon Shin-chan, Shaofeng remained confident in his work, declaring, “Teacher Zhao (Zanilia) will understand my efforts.” He later revealed that Zanilia often helps him to draw his eyebrows as well.

While the couple may share many similarities, the way that they approach their work is different, as Shaofeng shared. He revealed that Zanilia prefers to memorise her lines at home beforehand, while he prefers to memorise them on the spot, due to his short memory. As a result, Zanilia often “watches me memorise my lines with a heart full of worry”, the actor said, adding that she has gotten angry at him because of that too.

Many have credited The Story of Ming Lan for helping the couple get together, but Shaofeng placed less emphasis on it, saying that the drama merely helped them to “understand each other better”. His response caused fans to speculate that the couple had indeed gotten together before The Story of Ming Lan was filmed.

The couple announced that they had registered their marriage in October last year, after months of rumoured dates and meetings. In January, they confirmed that Zanilia is expecting their first child.

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