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Feng Shaofeng accidentally reveals son’s nickname

The actor immediately called his wife Zanilia Zhao after his slip of the tongue.

Feng Shaofeng accidentally reveals son’s nickname

Celebrity couple Feng Shaofeng and Zanilia Zhao tied the knot in October last year and welcomed their first child, a baby boy, in March this year.

Not much is known about the couple’s bundle of joy, with the new parents choosing to keep their son out of the spotlight. Even when they announced the arrival of their son, the couple chose to only share a picture of the baby’s footprints, with no mention of his nickname, let alone his name.

However, Shaofeng seems to have recently let the cat out of the bag. In an episode of the variety show, Adventure Life, the actor, along with hostess Aya Liu, travelled to Australia for filming.

While in the country, Shaofeng shared his thoughts on becoming a father, sharing that his baby son is his daily “pick-me-up” after a tough day of work.

“[Once,] I came across something that really upset me while I was filming. When I returned home, I started crying in earnest. My wife stood there and watched me cry silently. After I stopped crying, she told me, ‘Go watch the baby for a bit’. Once I saw our child, I instantly felt better,” the actor recounted.

Later, Shaofeng expressed his desire to make an ornament for his son at a workshop they visited. In the same breath, he wondered out loud if he could add a Chinese character inside the ornament.

“I think I’ll add a ‘Xiang Xiang’ (想想) inside. My son’s nickname is Xiang Xiang [anyway],” he blurted out.

Immediately after that, the actor realised his mistake, and took out his phone to call Zanilia, sharing that he had accidentally revealed their son’s nickname.

“Dear, can I mention [our son’s nickname]? I accidentally said it out loud,” he told Zanilia. After getting her approval, Shaofeng then continued on with his task, braiding the word ‘Xiang’ into the middle of the ornament for his son.

Fans were full of praise for Shaofeng’s behaviour on the show, commenting, “It’s really true that a man becomes gentler after having a child” and “He's such a good father”.

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