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Faye Wong’s 13-year-old daughter clarifies “nightclub” visit

Media outlets had accused Li Yan of visiting a nightclub in Switzerland.

Faye Wong’s 13-year-old daughter clarifies “nightclub” visit

Singer Faye Wong’s youngest daughter, Li Yan, has been making the news lately. Earlier last month, it was revealed that the 13-year-old is currently attending the “ world's most expensive” boarding school, College Alpin Beau Soleil in Switzerland.

Judging from Li Yan’s Instagram updates, she seems to have adjusted well to life in her new school, often sharing pictures with her schoolmates. However, her latest post has taken netizens by surprise.

In one shot, Li Yan, who’s dressed in an all black outfit, is seen striking a pose with her friend in front of a neon-lit wall. With her fringe artfully arranged to cover half her face and with a jewelled choker necklace on, the 13-year-old looked virtually unrecognisable.

Soon after, media outlets began running reports using the picture Li Yan had posted, accusing her of visiting a nightclub in Switzerland. As Li Yan is still very much underage, the reports drew a number of criticism from netizens.

However, Li Yan herself soon stepped up to clarify the reports with an Instagram Stories post. “It’s just a school party, where’s the connection (with a nightclub?),” she wrote in one post, while questioning in another, “Has the charity party organised by the school turned into a nightclub?”

Li Yan is Faye’s daughter with director Li Yapeng. The couple, who tied the knot in 2005, divorced eight years later.

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