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Faye Wong’s 11-Year-Old Daughter Is More Grown-Up Than You Are

She gets fancy manicures, walks in a fashion runway show and teaches people how to take selfies.

Faye Wong’s 11-Year-Old Daughter Is More Grown-Up Than You Are

Faye Wong with her two daughters Li Yan and Leah Dou.

If you think being Faye Wong’s kid is all kinds of awesome, well, you’re right.

Li Yan, the Mandopop queen’s daughter with her ex-husband Chinese actor Li Yapeng, may be only 11, but she’s already living the life of an atas adult — like getting a manicure (aren’t most kids her age just trying to get their puberty pimples under control?). (P/S: S he's not the only kid of a superstar who acts way too mature for her age.)

A Taiwanese news outlet recently ran photos of Li Yan, snapped by an eagle-eyed netizen, getting her nails done at a beauty parlour. In the pictures, she was seen poring over a nail colour chart while a manicurist worked on her fingers.

According to the netizen, Li Yan has long legs like her famous mum and conversed in English with her friends.

She’s also very precocious — crossing her legs assertively on the salon’s sofa while pointing out the nail polishes she wanted like a seasoned #girlboss.

Which is why it’s probably no surprise that this bonafide kid-fluencer also made headlines in 2015 for running a short-lived account on Chinese online video community Meipai teaching people how to, er, pose for a selfie and apply make-up.

In the videos, she showed off Faye’s vast collection of beauty products and imitated the signature photo poses of celebs like Hongkong singer G.E.M, Chinese model-actress Angelababy and, yes, her mum.

Born with a cleft lip, Li Yan has had corrective surgery to fix her condition.

Her dad Li Yapeng eventually caught wind of her Meipai shenanigans and forced her to shut down the account. ’Cos, you know, it’s kinda inappropriate for 11-year-olds to smoulder into the camera and impart face-slimming contouring tips.

But it seems like Li Yan is destined to be a superstar: in July this year, she made her catwalk debut in Paris walking for French childrenswear brand Bonpoint’s Spring/Summer 2018 runway.

The little girl reportedly aced her first fashion outing, and told people that she wants to be “an actor or singer, I don’t know yet”. She also declared that she prefers shopping with her friends over her parents, and picks her own outfits but leaves Faye’s closet alone as her clothes “are already pretty enough”.

We sense a second-gen diva in the making.



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