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Fann Wong is content with having only one child

She shared that while she would have loved to give Zed a sibling, it just didn’t happen for her and husband Christopher Lee

Fann Wong is content with having only one child

Singapore actress Fann Wong’s social media feeds are frequently peppered with photos of her 5-year-old son, Zed. The 48-year-old previously shared that she would love to have a second child, but made it clear at the All Is Well press conference in Taiwan that she has decided to stop putting pressure on herself, and is content with having only one child.

Her husband, Christopher Lee, previously shared that the media scrutiny that they went through in the years before they had Zed was so overwhelming that he once flared up at a reporter who kept pressing them about trying for a second child.

“Women have it harder than men… I’m afraid of giving her more hurt… We spoke about it, if we only have Zed Zed, we would still be very grateful to the heavens for giving us such a cute child. We just want to give him a playmate now, but we also know how tough it is and we won’t ask for more,” he said during his interview on Dennis Uncovers.

Yet, Fann was faced with questions about having another child once again while she was in Taiwan, to which she responded with, “I don’t think so. I’m also not young any longer, and we’re good (with just the three of us in the family).”

In All Is Well, Fann plays Linda, a scheming career woman whose only goal in life is to amass as much money as she can. She has no qualms with using underhanded methods, and doesn’t hesitate to get rid of those who are in her way.

Calling Linda the “most calculative, underhanded and dark character I’ve played in my career”, Fann chuckled, adding that Chris has remarked that the death glares that she gives to almost every character in the show are so intriguing that he can’t wait to see how far her character will go to get what she wants.

Watch All Is Well on Toggle. The Singapore storyline of All Is Well airs weeknights at 9pm on Channel 8, followed immediately by the Taiwan storyline on Channel U at 10pm the same night.

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