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Fan Bingbing Stars In New Lesbian Movie With Itaewon Class Actress Lee Joo Young

The 41-year-old Chinese actress surprised fans by speaking fluent Korean in the movie's trailer.

Fan Bingbing Stars In New Lesbian Movie With Itaewon Class Actress Lee Joo Young

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing, 41, and Itaewon Class star Lee Joo Young, 30, are the stars of new lesbian film, Green Night

The film by Hong Kong director Han Shuai is set to be released at the Berlin International Film Festival later this month.

Bingbing plays a Chinese immigrant in Seoul who works as an airport security guard. She goes about her mundane daily life with her oppressive Korean husband until she meets a younger woman played by Joo Young.

According to the film’s synopsis, Bingbing’s character gets involved with the younger woman's “crooked dealings” as they “venture into South Korea’s underworld” in a bid to gain independence in their individual lives.

As they embark on the thrilling adventure, the two women develop feelings for each other and explore the newly formed relationship.

The film features intimate scenes between Bingbing and Joo Young's characters

Two trailers have been released ahead of the film’s premiere, and in one scene, the duo could be seen riding on a motorcycle in a tunnel.

Joo Young’s character asks: “I wonder if we’ll be on TV tomorrow? Will the police have found that body and that bag?”

Bingbing’s character answers: “From now on, everything will boil down to luck.”

Since the release of the trailers, netizens have expressed how impressed they are with Bingbing's fluent Korean.

Bingbing delivers her lines in fluent Korean in the movie

As for Bingbing's personal life, she is said to be dating former army officer, Guo Yanfeng. The two have been photographed together on several occasions, though Bingbing has remained tight-lipped about their relationship.

According to an insider, Yanfeng is now a vice president at a finance company, and he got to know Bingbing through common friends last year.

However, Bingbing’s parents reportedly disapprove of their relationship.

Hong Kong media reported that Bingbing’s parents believe “their daughter, with her abundance of good qualities, has no lack of better suitors”. 

It was also reported that Bingbing’s parents have asked her to freeze her eggs and take her relationship slow.

Yanfeng was photographed accompanying Bingbing during one of her outdoor shoots

Photos: ETToday, Chinapress, Berlin International Film Fest Official Site

You can watch the trailer for Green Night on the Berlin International Film Festival page.

See how Fan Bingbing looked when she first started out in showbiz in 1998 drama My Fair Princess on meWATCH, or catch episode one below. 



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