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Fan Bingbing indirectly denies pregnancy rumours

Fans have also been denouncing reports of the actress’s supposed pregnancy online.

Fan Bingbing indirectly denies pregnancy rumours

Ever since their breakup in June this year, former couple Li Chen and Fan Bingbing have been the subject of many rumours and speculative reports sharing that they have each found respective new partners and moved on from each other.

A few days after their split was announced, Bingbing was reported to be pregnant with the child of a tycoon. While her work studio had swiftly denied the reports, some media outlets continued on with their speculations, with some going as far as to claim that the actress had given birth in a hospital in Nanjing, China, in late August.

Recently, Bingbing uploaded a selfie of herself on the beauty-focused social networking app, RED. The 38-year-old has always been a fervent user of the app, often posting beauty tips and tricks on it, and even revealing her 28-step beauty routine.

In her caption, Bingbing shared about a skincare woe of hers: acne.

“Yesterday, I discovered two pimples that had surfaced suddenly. It might be because I’m on my period,” the actress mused. Many took Bingbing’s statement as an indirect denial of the pregnancy rumours that have been plaguing her.

Fans have also been denouncing the reports of Bingbing’s supposed pregnancy online, sharing pictures of the actress at a recent gathering with her friends, where she looked as svelte as ever.

Photos: PBE Media

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