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Famed director Wong Jing photographed spending the night with young starlet

She has appeared in two of the director’s films in recent years

Famed director Wong Jing photographed spending the night with young starlet

Hong Kong director Wong Jing was photographed out on a dinner date with a young woman recently at a restaurant in Beijing, China. Following their meal, they headed off in a car to a nearby service apartment.

At 10pm, the duo entered the building together, with the girl hugging Wong Jing’s arm. There was no sighting of either of them exiting the building, even after midnight.

According to reports, the girl is Yun Qianqian, an actress who is believed to under 24 years old. Said to have graduated from the Central Academy of Drama, she appeared in Wong Jing’s 2018 film, Big Brother, as Zhou Mei Zhen. She also plays in an upcoming movie directed by Wong Jing,Flirting Scholar From The Future, as the character Chun Xiang.

When contacted for a comment, Wong Jing expressed through his company that he will not reply to the reports. The 63-year-old’s daughter also shared that Wong Jing has always spent the Lunar New Year holidays in Hong Kong, and that it was impossible for him to be in Beijing.

However, there has been reports dating back to 2017 sharing that the duo were spotted out on a movie and dinner date. Additionally, it has been previously rumoured that Yun Qianqian is Wong Jing’s mistress.

Wong Jing is married to Ding Dak-gwan. The couple has two daughters, Wang Tong Yi, and Hong Kong actress Ada Wong.

Photos: PBE Media

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