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Explicit DMs Between Ian Fang and Carrie Wong Leaked

They say the conversation was done in jest.

Explicit DMs Between Ian Fang and Carrie Wong Leaked
Ian Fang and Carrie Wong have been sliding into each other’s DMs. Screengrabs of a private Instagram conversation between the two stars have been leaked and its contents, which contain coarse language and sexual innuendos, are eye-opening, to say the least. (Scroll down to read the DMs.)

It is not known who leaked the messages but both stars have confirmed the veracity of the conversation, which we hear happened in February. What makes this news shocking is that Carrie just went public with her relationship with her Taiwanese beau Boris Lin on Valentine’s Day in February while Ian has long been rumoured to be dating Rebecca Lim.

Carrie and Ian, who say they are not in a relationship with each other, have each released statements in which they clarify that what transpired between the two of them was written in jest and so should not be taken seriously.

Ian wrote: “With regards to a private conversation between me and my good friend Carrie Wong that’s been circulating online, I’m very shocked. For this, I want to apologise to everyone for my inappropriate behaviour. Carrie and I are such good friends that there is nothing we can’t say to each other. I admit that the language we used was vulgar and inappropriate and I apologise for that. I also feel bad for those who have read the messages. As a public figure, I will pay more attention to my actions in the future."

In her statement, Carrie said: “Ian and I have been good friends for many years, and we don’t put too much thought into what we say to each other. The indecent language we used in our private conversation has caused a lot of unnecessary worry and hurt to everyone, and I’m deeply regretful for causing that. I’ve been reflecting a lot on my actions after the incident and I take responsibility for my inappropriate language. I am also grateful to my boyfriend for his trust and I want to offer my deepest apologies to everyone.”

Ivy Low, head of Mediacorp’s The Celebrity Agency, has also a released a statement: “The conversation, as we understand it, was a private exchange conducted in jest. However, it was distasteful and inappropriate. The parties involved are deeply embarrassed and have no doubt, taken away many lessons from this unfortunate incident. We expect our artistes, being public figures, to conduct themselves professionally and appropriately at all times.”

Scroll down to read some of the DMs which 8days.sg has translated into English.

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