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Ex TVB Actor Wilson Lam, Whose Daughter Just Won Miss Hong Kong, Was Carina Lau’s First Love; Rumoured To Have Rejected Lin Ching Hsia

The twice-divorced 61-year-old star had better success in business than in love, though he lost his fortune twice.


Ever since ex TVB actor Wilson Lam’s daughter Denice Lam, 27, was crowned Miss Hong Kong 2022 last weekend, the former’s private life has been thrust into the spotlight again.

From rumours about his past relationships to his failed business ventures, the 61-year-old has been in the headlines.

Turns out, Wilson has had quite a drama-filled life.

He joined TVB in 1983 after graduating from the 11th artiste training class where he was classmates with Stephen Chow and Tony Leung. He shot to fame four years later with the drama, The Foundling’s Progress.

The show’s success and Wilson's subsequent works soon propelled him to join the ranks of other A-listers like Tony Leung, Leon LaiLau Ching Wan, and Deric Wan, and he was dubbed “one of Hongkong's most handsome men”.

In 1993, Wilson shifted the focus of his career to Taiwan and China and hit the peak of his career after starring in Taiwanese drama Emperor of Taizong, Li Shi Min. He retired from acting in 1996 to focus on his business.

Lost fortune during financial crises

Unfortunately, his timing could not be worse. The Asian financial crisis hit and according to reports, Wilson lost “tens of millions of dollars” in the stock market.

He later started an investment company and also dabbled in advertising, and reportedly did pretty well for himself.

However, in 2007, his fortunes came crashing down again during the economic crisis and he went bankrupt.

But not one to give up, he opened a securities company and started from scratch again.

In 2014, he staged his acting comeback with the movie, The Suspicious, and now owns a production company in China.

Wilson and Carina dated for a brief period

His love life was equally colourful. 

In 1989, when Wilson and Carina starred in Shanghai Storm, rumours swirled that the pair had dated for a brief period in the early ‘80s.

Then they were both still in TVB’s artiste training class and Wilson was said to be Carina’s first love.

Carina wasn’t the only screen goddess who took a liking to him.

It was also rumoured that Lin Ching Hsia, whom he met on a movie set, expressed her love for him but he rejected her.

Both his marriages ended in divorce

Wilson married his first wife, a Pan-Asian stylist, in 1994 and the couple had Denice that same year. They divorced when Denice was 15 months old and she moved to live with her mum in the UK.

Father and daughter lost contact for many years and only reunited a decade ago with the help of relatives.

Wilson later said in an interview that he did not try to get custody of Denice as he was “immature” and it didn’t occur to him to do so.

Wilson and Denice

In 2000, Wilson married Hong Kong actress Winnie Chan and they have a son Lam Sai Kwan.

But that marriage too fell apart after two years. Winnie later went on to marry actor Karel Wong.

Photos: Wilson Lam/Weibo, Denice Lam/Instagram



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