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Ex-Ch 8 Actress Tracy Lee, Who Married Son Of Billionaire Popiah King, Is Pregnant

There's going to be a new Popiah prince or princess!

Ex-Ch 8 Actress Tracy Lee, Who Married Son Of Billionaire Popiah King, Is Pregnant
Tracy Lee with a page boy at her wedding just two months ago.

Oh what a year it has been been for former Ch 8 actress Tracy Lee, 32, and her businessman husband Ben Goi, 41.

The newlyweds found out that they were expecting shortly after their wedding at the Shangri-La Hotel on Sep 3. The couple had gotten hitched after a 19-month courtship.

Tracy confirmed her pregnancy to us over the phone, but declined to reveal the gender of the baby, and how far along she is. Though she did tell us in October that she's "hoping for a Gemini baby" after marriage.

She said: “I wasn’t planning to make a public announcement yet, but some people have asked me when they saw me with my baby bump recently, and I shared with them the good news.”

She added: “My husband and I were very surprised when we learnt of the pregnancy. We didn’t expect it to happen so quickly. This year has been very life-changing for us. I went from being an actress to being someone’s wife, and now a mother-to-be, and Ben from being an eligible bachelor to an excited father-to-be! When we first found out, he told me that he was going to announce the good news to the whole world, but I told him to calm down and let the news sink in first. I wanted to be mentally ready before I make the announcement! (laughs)”

Tracy’s husband, Ben, is the son of Singaporean billionaire Sam Goi aka the Popiah King, who's famed for his popiah skin business Tee Yih Jia. Sam is currently ranked 10th in Forbes’ Singapore’s 50 Richest, and has a net worth of US$2.1bil (S$2.86bil).

8 DAYS: Congrats on the pregnancy! How has it been so far?
TRACY LEE: Thank you! At the beginning my blood pressure was low and I felt giddy all the time. I looked very pale and my father-in-law asked me not to go out too much and stay home to take care of my body and my growing baby, so that’s what I’ve been doing. Recently, I keep hearing this ringing sound in my ear, but I think it’s quite common for pregnant women so I’m not too worried about it. I’ve been seeing my Chinese doctor in addition to visiting my gynecologist, and I’ve been drinking a lot of tonic soup. I don’t get morning sickness though. Instead, I always feel nauseous at night. It’s slowly getting better. These days, I get up at midnight daily to snack! (Laughs)

What kind of cravings have you had so far?
Durians! I've eaten Mao Shan Wang at least five times since I got pregnant. I also have a sweet tooth so I’ve been eating a lot of biscuits, pastries and cookies. Recently, I bought 1kg of cookies to munch on at home, and I’ve almost finished all of them (laughs). I also ate seven bananas at a go. These days, I eat about five meals per day as compared to the usual three, and I snack on butter crackers at night. I’m not sure why, but they make me feel less nauseous.

Since you prefer to remain private about how far along you are in your pregnancy, can you tell us how much weight you’ve put on so far?
I was 54kg when I got married two months ago, and I’m about 60kg now. That’s a 6kg increment! I was telling my husband that I’m worried I will be 90kg by the time I give birth (guffaws). However, my gynecologist told me that it’s okay to gain some weight, and that I don’t have to worry too much. My husband did tell me that I walk really slow these days though. He calls me a snail! (Laughs)

Any chance for a babymoon before you give birth next year?
Yes! I was telling Ben that we should go on more holidays before the baby arrives ‘cos we will be too busy taking care of our newborn to have time for ourselves in the future. In fact, he just told me that we will go to Perth next week for a spontaneous holiday, so I’m going to have to plan the itinerary these few days (laughs). But I think this is the kind of lifestyle I like, as it’s full of excitement.

Will you upload pictures of your baby in the future?
I will have to discuss with my husband and his family before I decide as they are quite low profile. Of course as a proud mum-to-be, I’d love to post pictures of my baby on my social media! I love kids and would like to have more than one, but we shall see how we cope as first-time parents next year (chuckles).

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