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Everything You Need To Know About Song Joong Ki & Song Hye Kyo's Wedding

From the blood and sweat that went into preparing the ceremony to the tears that were shed by the couple.

Everything You Need To Know About Song Joong Ki & Song Hye Kyo's Wedding

Life imitated K-drama when Song Joong Ki, 32, and Song Hye Kyo, 35, tied the knot in a super hush-hush ceremony. The Wedding of the Decade (or some say, Century) between the Descendants of the Sun’s stars aimed to be as private and low-key as possible. In the lead-up to the Songs’ big day, deets were shrouded in secrecy. The couple’s agencies also released a statement on the four no-nos during the Songs’ wedding: No press con, no photography, no photo wall and no interviews. In fact, a ceiling tent had been originally set up to deter the media from taking photos. But after vehement protest from the local press, that plan was axed and the wedding saw the light of day, quite literally. Unlike other sponsored nuptials, the couple, who reportedly splashed S$70,000 on the wedding, had also turned down all sponsorship offers. Only about 300 close friends and family members were invited to the intimate affair. Of course, the private and low-key event was anything but private and low-key.

Fans and the media pulled out all stops to get a glimpse of the alfresco wedding which took place at the traditional annex wing of the swanky Shilla Hotel in Seoul on Oct 31. Korean news outlets flew drones over the outdoor ceremony and booked rooms at the hotel where the wedding was held so they could snap photos paparazzi-style. This leave-no-stone-unturned stance to capture the event despite their media ban on their big day has incurred the ire of netizens who railed against the invasion of the Songs' privacy. (Hmm, pray tell, are they the same netizens searching for Song-Song couple’s wedding pics online?)

Meanwhile, hundreds of fans and reporters thronged the heavily-guarded area outside the annex. Some fans were coincidentally in Korea while others had flown over especially for the wedding. Even our very own Carrie Wong waded in on the K-drama-worthy action, IG-storying panoramic footage of the private wedding-in-progress.

Thankfully, despite the couple’s initial no-photo-taking rule, their respective agencies released wedding pics. Also, social media was flooded with #songsongwedding pics, thanks to those lucky enough to score a coveted invite, like a one Zhang Ziyi.

Now that the wedding is over, and the celeb couple will be jetting to Europe for their honeymoon, here’s hoping that it won’t be long before we hear news about any, um, descendants of the Songs.

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