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Eric Tsang recounts Hokkaido car crash

The actor is still feeling the after-effects of the accident

Eric Tsang recounts Hokkaido car crash

Reports that veteran Hong Kong actor Eric Tsang was involved in a car crash in Hokkaido last Christmas first surfaced on December 28 last year. At that time, it was initially reported that he had to undergo a breathalyser test after the crash, leading to speculations that he had been drink-driving.

However, the reports were soon found to be false. The occupants of the other car were Hong Kong police director of crime and security, Li Chi Hang, and his family, with Chi Hang injuring his cervical vertebrae.

Recently, Eric made an appearance at a restaurant opening with his daughter, Hong Kong singer Bowie Tsang, where he shared more about his "brush with death".

Eric revealed that the accident was the “closest" he had come to experiencing death, saying, “When the crash occurred, there was absolutely no time to think. Before I knew it, the whole world turned black. When I opened my eyes, all I could see was snow around me. The car did not look like a car at all: its front tire had exploded, and I had scratches everywhere. The luggage was smashed to pieces, and although the car was mostly intact, (the force of the impact) caused all the boxes inside to burst. All the snacks and sweet treats I bought all flew out.”

At that time, both the on-site paramedics and doctors at the hospital reported that Eric had not suffered any injuries. However, the next day, the 65-year-old received an urgent call from the hospital, informing him that his rib had actually cracked. As there was no treatment available for his cracked rib, all Eric could do was to rest in order for the wound to heal faster.

Even now, Eric’s ribs still hurt when he breathes in deeply or stretches. But, as he’s currently in the midst of filming for a drama, he has no choice but to clench his teeth and continue working. Luckily, the production team of the drama has been very understanding, and changed the script to make it less strenuous for him.

With a laugh, the actor also added that the first thing he said to his friends when he returned to Hong Kong was, “You’re lucky that you’re not meeting me in a funeral hall,” poking fun at the situation.

Photos: PBE Media

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