Elva Hsiao denies that she has AIDS

She has vowed to file lawsuits against those who spread the malicious rumours

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Elva Hsiao has been on hiatus since August 2017 after her health suffered as a result of the stress that she put herself under while preparing for her comeback. She has been slowly recovering, and has teased fans that she could be returning to the limelight soon.

However, there were certain media outlets who took the opportunity to report that the Taiwanese singer took a step back from her career after contracting AIDS, claims that Elva has since personally denied.

She uploaded an Instagram post on May 13 to explain the situation, which started off with, “I’ve always thought that rumours will be dismissed by the wise, and that silence is gold. I laughed off the rumours that I had AIDS before. However, on Mother’s Day, the day that I miss my mother the most, some media outlets wrote reports about this without any proof.”

“This made me feel upset and as if I let my mother down, because the reports weren’t just putting me down, but my mother as well,” Elva continued. “For my mother, I decided to break my silence. I’ve decided to file lawsuits against the media who wrote baseless reports that defamed me. I hope that nobody else will try to hurt my mother.”

She also shared that she will try to find out why the rumours started in the first place, as she wants to put the rumour monger in place before he or she hurts more people.

The 39-year-old let on that while she wants to return to performing for fans at the soonest possible time, her throat and stomach are still not in a good condition, an issue which doctors have advised will only be able to heal if given enough time.

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