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Ella Chen’s son looks like a mini-JJ Lin

‘Jin Bao’ hasn’t even turned 2 yet, but has already melted the hearts of many around the world

Ella Chen’s son looks like a mini-JJ Lin

S.H.E member Ella Chen became the first out of the trio to become a mother back in 2017, when she welcomed her first child. Since his birth, ‘Jin Bao’, or Strong Baby, as he is known to the public, has had his photos uploaded online on a regular basis by his mum. He even stole the spotlight at S.H.E’s anniversary concert last September, with many saying that the little boy is quite the charmer for a toddler.

Yesterday (January 17), Ella uploaded a photo of her husband, Malaysian businessman husband Alvin Lai and Jin Bao on her Instagram, captioning it with, “The (two of) them that I love. We are happy, thank you.”

The close-up shots of the two men in her life caused an influx of positive comments from netizens, with many remarking that Jin Bao has grown up a lot since they last saw him. Others mused that Alvin looks like a great father who loves his son a lot, and wondered if the couple is intending to add on to their brood.

Notably, some netizens pointed out that Jin Bao is starting to resemble JJ Lin when the singer was younger. “Even their dimples are identical!” read some comments.

Others joked that this could cause a scandal, as people would start to wonder why Ella and Alvin’s son resembled another person instead, asking their fellow netizens to be careful with their words before the tabloids started writing unnecessary and malicious untruths again.

Ella and Alvin got married in 2012 and welcomed their first child in 2017. There have been rumours that the singer is pregnant with her second child, but the couple has yet to explicitly confirm the good news.

Photos: PBE Media

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