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Ekin Cheng Pretty Much Called His Wife Yoyo Mung “Fat”... And Got Away With It

How lucky is he?

Ekin Cheng Pretty Much Called His Wife Yoyo Mung “Fat”... And Got Away With It

We guess there are some things you can afford to say out loud to your partner after being together for a certain number of years. Yesterday (Oct 4), former TVB actress Yoyo Mung updated her socials with a conversation she had with her husband, Hongkong singer-actor Ekin Cheng, while having a meal to celebrate his 53rd birthday, and we’re surprised he’s still alive.

No, really.

In her post, which also featured a photo of a bowl of wonton noodle soup, the 47-year-old shared that during breakfast, she was contemplating whether to eat toast with butter and condensed milk as well. However, she was concerned about putting on weight, so she asked her husband, “What if I become a fei po (fat woman) in the future…”

Before she could even finish her sentence, Ekin quipped, “It’s not the future. It’s already like that.” Wah, asking for it.

Fortunately for him, Yoyo didn’t get mad and let him off the hook simply ‘cos it was his birthday. “You’re amazing,” she wrote in her post. “You can talk like this for one day a year. Happy birthday.” Wonder what she would have done to him if he had said it at another time, though?

Netizens were charmed by this amusing anecdote and gushed about how the two of them truly behave like an old married couple. Ekin and Yoyo, who tied the knot in January 2013, generally keep a low profile when it comes to their relationship, so this little story certainly comes as a rare treat for fans.

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