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Edwin Goh Loves Crocheting So Much He’s Going To Start Teaching A Class At His Friend's Studio

The YouTube-taught crochet artist tells 8days.sg his joy was sparked after making a scarf for a friend.  
Edwin Goh Loves Crocheting So Much He’s Going To Start Teaching A Class At His Friend's Studio

If you follow  Edwin Goh's Instagram, you'll notice that the actor is really into crocheting now.  

Even before we could finish contemplating where he might stand on knitting, the actor showed just how passionate he was about his new hobby by announcing that he was ready to impart knowledge. The  28-year-old actor is starting a class to teach crocheting.  

That's right, people,  Edwin, who only started crocheting last year, is all ready to become a sensei.  

Wanna learn crocheting from Edwin?

When  8days.sg  reached out to him, he confided that he's partnering  a friend who owns a painting studio,  Kilio Art.  

"She gives painting classes and I’m working with her to launch a crochet beginner/introductory class," he tells us.  

If you’re not motivated enough to learn a new skill but want one of Edwin’s crochet pieces, fret not. 

The actor, who shares  that he's been "making quite a lot of products", is going to launch an online store to sell crochet items. 

"I’m still tying some loose ends. Probably [launching the store] in late March!" gushed Edwin.  

What type of crochet items can we expect to see in his shop, you might ask? Well, Edwin said he'll be selling headwear for a start.  

As for the price point, the actor says he’s “still doing research on the market” and “just need a price to justify the time and effort put into [his] pieces.” 

Guess we can now call Edwin SG's Mad Hatter

Now, what got Edwin into crocheting in the first place? 

"I have a friend who introduced me to crocheting. And for her birthday I decided to crochet her a scarf and since then, I’ve found joy in crocheting," said the actor.  

Does this mean that Edwin gets to save money from not shopping now that he (kinda) makes his own clothes?  

He laughed: “Crocheting takes up a lot of time and effort! But in the future, I do foresee crocheted items taking over my wardrobe.” 

Edwin tells us some of the beanies he makes can take about a day while some require more time depending on the design. Meanwhile, a cardigan (like the one below) can take up to two weeks.  

What about knitting or sewing then?   

“I have only tried sewing to patch things up but I wasn’t very good at it. But with crocheting, after putting in the effort, I have been more adept at it,” he confessed. 

Quite impressive for someone who just started last year right?

We gotta  admit, we're really impressed by the actor's crocheting skills considering he's self-taught, with some help from YouTube. There’s even a part of us that feels a little embarrassed that this guy is better than we are at working a needle, sorry, hook and yarn.  

“I think it’s great that we now live in a society that breaks old societal norms,” he reasons reassuringly, adding that we can even “try spotting [him] crocheting while taking public transport.” 

And we can tell how proud Edwin is of his creations as his crochets are now his way of showing love to the people around him. 

Besides the scarf he made for his friend, Edwin has been making crochet items for his mum and sister.   

Photos: Edwin Goh/Instagram 



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