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Edwin Goh On Why He Scrubbed His IG Clean; Says It's "Totally Not" 'Cos Of His Recent Breakup

Get ready to see a brand new side of the 28-year-old actor.
Edwin Goh On Why He Scrubbed His IG Clean; Says It's "Totally Not" 'Cos Of His Recent Breakup

If you follow Edwin Goh on Instagram, you'd have realised that he has made some major changes to his feed lately. 

Not only did the 28-year-old actor archive all his old posts, he also started posting only stylised, aesthetic shots of himself. 

That's right, looks like it's bye bye sunshine boy, and hello dark, mysterious Edwin.

And we know what you must be thinking. Is Edwin trying to start afresh after his recent split from his Ukrainian model girlfriend Darina Sheremet

When 8days.sg spoke to Edwin, he clarified that his decision to have a complete IG makeover was "totally not" because of his breakup. 

So what happened then? 

8DAYS.SG: What made you decide to scrub your Instagram of all your photos?

EDWIN: To be honest, I've always wanted to take my socials to a different level but I've been putting that off. It's been on hold for a really long while but thankfully I met my stylist Hiro. He's very proactive and I love the work he's been doing with He Yingying. So we just decided to work together and I feel that we really have chemistry. I love the direction of the Instagram feed that he planned for me. 

Would you say this is a reflection of who you are now?

Yah, and you know, I decided to archive everything to sort of signify a fresh start as well. I mean, who would even scroll down to my first photo on Instagram anyway. I don't think anyone does that (laughs). So I feel like there's not really a point to holding on to the old photos. 

We noticed the trend now is to go for an unfiltered, more natural vibe on Instagram. Why are you going against the grain?

I wouldn't say that [my new direction] is very filtered or heavily edited. Hiro does edit a bit of the colours but nothing too much. We try to make it more organic and raw, and he helps me to shoot just with his phone. 

I think for a start we do want to make something totally different from my old feed, and once that is settled, we'd want to move on to other things as well. 

A brand new side of Edwin

Does this have anything to do with your recent breakup? 

Definitely not, actually. Totally not. It happened because I met my stylist again and we just felt like there's this potential to work together. We used to bump into each other at events but we just got reconnected and I just decided to ask him if this is something he'd like to work on. 

Will we still be seeing you post snippets of your life in the future? Like your relationships?

Yah definitely. Like, even though it's curated, but [what you see on my Instagram] is kind of what I do in my daily life too. 

Is this change also to show your followers that you've grown up?

Honestly, my socials have been something that I've not been paying much attention to. And I used to find it a chore to do it but now with this new approach, I actually look forward to sharing what I've been up to in my life.

I feel better now that I've been taking more pride in handling my socials. It  also maybe helps to showcase a different side of me. Soon we might try another style, just to have different facades on my socials. 

Of course, if people could see a different side of me, maybe they won't be like "Oh, why [is he] always typecast in roles?", it might also help me break away in some way. 

Photos: Edwin Goh/Instagram

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