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Eddie Peng Is Still Pining For His First Love

The actor also admitted that he has been single for the past five years.

Eddie Peng Is Still Pining For His First Love

There's just something about your first love that makes him or her unforgettable, no matter how many relationships you've been in since then. Just ask Eddie Peng.

In a recent interview, the 37-year-old Taiwanese actor opened up about his love life where he revealed his wish to “look for [his] first love once again" because "[his] first relationship was [his] happiest”.

“[It was] a relationship that I was fully devoted to, and it was the hardest to forget,” he shared, adding that his other relationships just could not measure up to his first love.

“Or perhaps, I’ve yet to meet [the right one]. Maybe after this interview, I’ll find love once again,” he laughed.

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