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Eddie Peng Shares Snaps Of His Dogs, But All Netizens Can Talk About Is His Big Toe

They also had quite a bit to say about his lockdown look.


Ever since Shanghai went into lockdown, Taiwanese star Eddie Peng, 40, who is based in the Chinese city, has been sharing snippets of his life at home on Instagram.

In addition to pics of his daily meals, he has also been posting videos and snaps of his adorable pooches Nebbi (left in the below pic) and Ollo, who, like him, look like they are so done with the lockdown.

Eddie captioned this pic “Can we go out and have some fun please?"

Recently, Eddie shared a pic (see below) of Ollo having his meal. In the shot too, were Eddie’s green slippers-clad feet. 

However, what caught the eye of netizens wasn’t Ollo — or the fact that Eddie only had one sock on — but his, um, big toe.

Fans pointed out that the toe, which looked to be two-thirds the length of his index toe, was unusually short.

Soon, there were comments like "I also have a longer index toe, but the difference [in length] is not so much" and “Even great beauties are not perfect”.

Netizens were toe-tally fascinated by it

Eddie’s lockdown look too has become the talk of the town.

Last month, a fan, who bumped into the actor while he was walking his dog in the neighbourhood, shared pics of her encounter on her socials. 

The pic generated quite a bit of buzz online, but not for the reasons we were expecting.

Netizens commented that Eddie, who was dressed in a black tee and grey sweat pants, looked sloppy. And even though he wore a cap, it could not hide how greasy his hair was.

In another pic, Eddie was seen without a cap and his hair looked like it had a life of its own.

Netizens joked that everyone shouldn't feel pressured to dress up as even celebrities don't care about how they look during lockdown.

Crazy hair, don't care

However, it seems like Eddie has levelled up since then.

Another fan recently spotted Eddie in the ‘hood and noted that he is now more put together.

“After being criticised for his bad dressing, it’s very obvious that he has put more effort into what he wears,” laughed one fan, while another joked that Eddie will likely move out of the neighbourhood once the pandemic is over.

Before vs After

This is not the first time Eddie has made headlines for his lockdown look.

When the pandemic first broke out in 2020, Eddie rocked a “hobo” look, growing out his mane and facial hair.

Photos: Eddie Peng/Instagram



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