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Is Eddie Peng, 36, Dating A 49-Year-Old Chinese Actress?

His fans are not happy.

Is Eddie Peng, 36, Dating A 49-Year-Old Chinese Actress?
Photo: Apple Daily

When you're as eligible as Eddie Peng, you bet your love life will be heavily scrutinised. In February, there were rumours that the 36-year-old heartthrob was dating this air stewardess, who turned out to be a fan girl. Now the internet is rife with talk that Eddie is seeing Chinese actress Xu Qing, aka Summer Qing, who also happens to be 13 years older than he is. It's said that Eddie and Summer, who you might have seen as Bruce Willis's wife in 2012's Looper, met on the set of upcoming Chinese movie Hidden Man (2018).
So how did the rumours start? They were first seen wearing matching striped shirts in a photo posted by Eddie on his Weibo, which led to to fans thinking that it's a couple's outfit. Eddie and Summer have also been spotted at a hotpot restaurant together, though it's said that the meal was more of a gathering with the movie's crew than a date. More recently, Summer was seen taking a pic with Eddie's poster at the airport, you know, like a fan girl.
Both Eddie and Summer have denied the rumours, with the actor's manager telling Apple Daily, "It's fake! There's nothing going on. The media should stop spreading baseless rumours."
It hasn't stopped fans from airing their thoughts about the rumours. "How is this possible?" and "How can the two of them be together?" are just two of the comments posted by Eddie's irate fans. They've also pointed out a Weibo post made by Eddie in 2014. "Whenever I film [a movie] with an actor, the media will write about it. If I film with an actress, they will write about it. And every time, I see an article [like that], I would clarify the rumours. The media is really scary. So let me put your hearts at ease, being the other 'woman' or the other man is not my style."

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