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Eason Chan Says He & Miriam Yeung Used To Quarrel Every Day

They are pals now but they weren't so chummy when they met 27 years ago.

Eason Chan Says He & Miriam Yeung Used To Quarrel Every Day

On Wednesday (May 18), Hongkong singer Miriam Yeung released her documentary I · II · III MY STORY in celebration of her 26th year in showbiz. 

In the documentary, which revolves around the 48-year-old singer's journey as an artiste, were interviews with her family members, colleagues, as well as non-showbiz pals, all of whom waxed lyrical about their relationships with Miriam. 

One guest was Hongkong pop star Eason Chan, 47, who revealed that he and Miriam used to quarrel every time they met, which was basically every day.

A throwback photo of Eason and Miriam

According to Eason, Miriam was the first friend he made in showbiz, after the two competed against each other in the 1995 New Talent Singing Awards organised by TVB.

Looking back on their 27-year-long friendshipEason said that the two always had disagreements when it came to work matters.

"I say one thing and she would say another," he revealed. 

"We were always arguing, I don't know about her, but I was really angry at that time!"

She's probably the only one who dares to call him by his full name

The singer also shared that during the competition, he had to see Miriam every day for almost half a month. 

"I felt that her personality was quite 'man'," shared Eason, revealing that that was how Miriam caught his eye back then.

"She hasn't changed at all, after all these years she still goes "Eh! Eason Chan!", he said, adding that she was "kind of brusque."

Miriam later shared that Eason once told her: "Do you know you're actually the only person in the entertainment circle who calls me [by my full name] Eason Chan?".

She then said she explained to him that it's something she only does to people who are close to her. 

Eason's response? "Doesn't work that way." 

Photos: Miriam Yeung's I · II · III MY STORY

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