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Don Lee, Kim Tae Ri, Nam Joo Hyuk Named "Rudest" Celebs Of 2022 By Korean Media

Wait, aren’t they all top stars, though?


Korean media outlet Sports Kyunghyang recently released the results of their annual Golden Raspberry Festival, modelled after America’s own Golden Raspberry Awards.

Commonly referred to as the Razzies, it is a parody award show honouring the worst of cinematic under-achievement, which means it's an award that no celeb wants to receive.

As part of their 'festival', Sports Kyunghyang surveyed 34 entertainment reporters, to crown the top three winners in three ‘honourable’ categories — the “Rudest Celeb”, the “Celeb with the Worst Acting” and “Worst Film”.

The Korean festival, which is now in its sixth year, used to only see either directors, or no celeb at all for the “rudest celeb” category. However, this year, the media outlet has crowned not one, not two, but three top stars.

He topped the list?! Really?!

Coming in first is Korean-American actor Don Lee, 51, who got a whopping 20 votes.

According to the respondents, the actor was widely panned by all after refusing to do press interviews and appearances for the two movies he starred in this year — The Roundup and Men of Plastic. Don was also the producer for both movies.

Respondents griped that the actor merely cited “personal reasons” as an excuse to pull out of the interviews, and only provided a press release that included a “self-question-and-answer” sheet as a substitute.

They criticised Don for being unprofessional and lazy, adding that his behaviour was unbecoming of his role as lead actor and producer.

They ain't pleased with Tae Ri too.

Second place belonged to Korean actress Kim Tae Ri, 32, who received 11 votes.

The actress recently won the coveted Best Actress award at the Baeksang Arts Award for her performance as high school student Na Hee-do in the drama series Twenty-Five Twenty-One, but still could not escape criticism for her poor behaviour at a press conference.

Respondents complained that Tae Ri was distracted during the press conference for her movie Alienoid. The actress could be seen doodling aimlessly on a piece of paper while answering questions, and behaved “just like a high school student”.

One reporter snarked that Tae Ri "appeared to have been possessed by Na Hee Do” during the press conference.

He's all but disappeared from the public eye since the scandal first broke in June.

Finally, the third place was awarded to Korean actor Nam Joo Hyuk, 28, who received six votes. He was involved in a bullying scandal right before the promotional cycle for his film, Remember.

Respondents noted that the ensuing controversy negatively affected the film, creating an awkward air during press interviews, with Joo Hyuk absent from all activities. 

Oh dear...

Separately, Korean actor So Ji Sub, 45, ranked second this year for “Worst Actor”, receiving six votes for his performance in Alienoid, where he played a detective who is chased by aliens.

“This isn’t it. Let’s act well, in something like a romance [drama],” one respondent wrote, while another added: “I'm sorry, but I laughed a little [when I saw him in the movie]”.

Photos: Ma Dong Seok/Instagram, Kim Tae Ri/Instagram, Nam Joo Hyuk/Instagram, So Ji Sub/Instagram



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