Does Fan Bingbing have a food baby or a baby on the way?

Either way, netizens are telling her to cut down on her food intake.

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Chinese actress Fan Bingbing has had a rough year. After being fined for her tax evasion scandal, her popularity took a hit and acting jobs have been slow to come in as before as many believe that the Chinese government put a blanket ban on her appearing on the small and big screens.

However, that seems to have passed as she was spotted at a Beijing airport on December 5, where she was reported to be heading to the United States to work on her upcoming movie, 355. In addition, she is said to have picked up endorsement deals in recent weeks and building up momentum for her big comeback.

When she was spotted at the airport, netizens went into a flurry as the actress was spotted looking a little bulkier than usual and her tummy bigger than what they remembered it to be.

That immediately sparked off a wave of pregnancy rumours, as fans wondered if she has a baby on the way. The rumours got so out of hand that her agency issued a statement sharing that Bingbing recently put on weight because she has been eating too much, assuring that the 38-year-old is not pregnant.

What tickled netizens the most, however, were photos of Bingbing shopping at a supermarket in the US today. In the snaps, Bingbing’s face looked rounder than before, and even then that did not stop her from indulging in a late-night snack while waiting for the cashier to round up her purchases.

“She’s really going to have a hard time losing all that weight if she keeps eating like that,” one chuckled. Another added, “It’s nice to know that a goddess like Fan Bingbing can also put on weight if she lets herself indulge in the food that she likes. This just makes her more relatable and likeable.”

Photos: PBE Media

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