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Did Zanilia Zhao know of Wu Xiu Bo’s affair with Chen Yu Lin?

The actress had starred alongside Yu Lin in a drama six years ago

Did Zanilia Zhao know of Wu Xiu Bo’s affair with Chen Yu Lin?

The spotlight has been cast once again on Chinese actor Wu Xiu Bo’s extra-marital affair with Chinese actress Chen Yu Lin, who is 21 years younger than he is.

Back in December last year, the 30-year-old shared that they had been involved in a seven-year-long affair, with the 51-year-old actor cheating on his non-celebrity wife of 17 years, as well as Yu Lin herself multiple times.

Since then, it has been quiet on all fronts, up till this week, where it was revealed again that Xiu Bo had lured Yu Lin back to China with promises of a ‘settlement fee’. However once she arrived in China, she was promptly arrested by the authorities on charges of extortion and blackmail. Since then, she has been in police custody for over a month, according to her parents.

Netizens have also dug up clips from six years ago, when Xiu Bo and Yu Lin were seen together.

At that time, Yu Lin was starring in the drama, Lucky Tianbao, alongside Chinese actress Zanilia Zhao, who was the second female lead. During filming, Xiu Bo made a surprise visit to the set, where he revealed that Yu Lin was an “especially young, younger sister” of his.

During his visit, he also took the initiative to help direct the filming, giving special attention to monitoring the acting of the cast. During a particular scene where Yu Lin had to be hit by a pole, he couldn’t help but to exclaim that he felt like swiping the pole away from her, so she wouldn’t get hurt.

Later, during an interview to promote the drama, Yu Lin expressed that “no one knew that Teacher Xiu Bo will visit”. However, Zanilia, who was present, could not help but to turn her head to the side to hide her smile. Judging from Zanila’s reactions, netizens could not help but to guess that Zanilia knew of Xiu Bo and Yu Lin’s relationship.

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