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Did Fish Leong fall out with Christine Fan for being a blabbermouth?

Netizens speculated the pair are no longer friends after Christine commented on Fish's divorce even before the singer confirmed the news personally

Did Fish Leong fall out with Christine Fan for being a blabbermouth?

Last week, Malaysian singer Fish Leong confirmed that she has filed for divorce from her husband of nine years, Taiwanese businessman Tony Chao.

Reports alleging that there was trouble in the couple’s marriage had begun circulating as early as a month before. At that time, Fish’s manager had denied the reports.

When reached for a comment, however, Fish’s good friend, Taiwanese singer Christine Fan replied through her manager that Christine had “known of trouble between Fish and her husband two years ago, though she’s not sure of the outcome”.

Christine’s reply incited much discussion, with many criticising Christine for revealing details about Fish’s marriage at a time when the singer herself was remaining silent.

However, a day after the comments by Christine’s manager went public, Fish uploaded a picture taken together with Christine on her Weibo, in what looked to be an attempt to quell the many attacks against Christine. However, she had tagged the wrong account on Weibo.

Although the error has since been corrected, many fans speculated that the reason for Fish's error might be due to the fact that she has unfollowed Christine on Weibo. Previously, Fish had often uploaded pictures of her outings with Christine online.

However, all these posts are no longer visible on Fish's Weibo page. The only post mentioning Christine on Fish’s Weibo right now is a post promoting Christine’s 2015 book launch.

Additionally, after Fish’s official divorce announcement, Christine uploaded a new post on her Weibo account, writing, “I've never been a blabbermouth! Protect! I’ll… always protect you, look over you, be with you, love you!” Her post, which is believed to be referring to Fish’s divorce, was not well-received by the public, with some netizens criticising her for her actions going contrary to her words. The post has since been deleted.

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