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Did Fala Chen tie the knot in secret?

The actress’s ex-boyfriend confirmed the good news when reached for a comment

Did Fala Chen tie the knot in secret?

Late last week, reports claiming that Hong Kong actress Fala Chen will be tying the knot with her boyfriend of three years, French entreprenuer Emmanuel Straschnov on May 11 started circulating online.

Fala first met Emmanuel while studying for her masters degree in the US. She once shared in an interview that the two of them are able to communicate well, and have good chemistry with each other.

According to the reports, the couple hoped for a low-key ceremony, which was why they chose to hold the ceremony in Emmanuel’s birth country, France. Invitations for the ceremony was said to have been extended to the couple’s close friends and family only.

When reached for a comment on May 9, Fala’s manager shared that she was "not sure" about the legitimacy of the news. “I have not met her today. She’s supposed to fly to the US for work,” her manager replied.

When the reporter pressed her to confirm if Fala was flying to America for work, or to France for her wedding, the manager replied, “I didn't receive any news (about that). I will have to ask Fala first."

On the same day, Fala made an appearance at a promotional event. Although the news of her impending wedding was not mentioned, the actress appeared to be in a good mood. As Mother’s Day fell on May 12 (Sunday), the 37-year-old shared that she’ll be spending the special day with her parents.

Fala’s ex-boyfriend, Neway Entertainment heir Daniel Sit was also contacted by reporters for a comment on the reports. Daniel, who dated Fala for six years, confirmed that the actress was indeed tying the knot on May 11.

“To be honest, a few weeks ago, Fala did contact me, telling me that she had plans (to get married). I’m not too sure about the date and place. We often contact each other as friends, to update each other. I’m happy for her, and hope for her happiness,” Daniel shared.

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