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Dee Hsu Shrugs Off Husband’s Cheating Rumours By Posting Pics Of Her Family On Holiday

Veteran Taiwanese paparazzo Ge Siqi revealed in a live broadcast that Dee's hubby Mike frequents nightclubs and even showed photos to prove his point.
Dee Hsu Shrugs Off Husband’s Cheating Rumours By Posting Pics Of Her Family On Holiday

Taiwanese host Dee Hsu’s husband, businessman Mike Hsu, 51, has been accused of cheating on her yet again.

Recently, veteran Taiwanese paparazzo Ge Siqi shared in a live broadcast that Mike has a habit of frequenting nightclubs. He then went on to show pics of Mike drinking with three women.

Yes, this is the same paparazzo who exposed pics of Barbie Hsu’s ex husband Wang Xiaofei’s philandering ways.

Mike was spotted having drinks with three women

In one of the photos, Mike was seen chatting with a pan-Asian-looking woman. He had a drink in one hand and the other wrapped around the woman’s waist. In another pic, his hand was around her shoulders.

Though the pair appeared very close, Siqi noted that Mike did not cross the line and just appeared to be in a good mood after a few drinks.

In response to the rumour, Dee, 44, said: “My husband is not a public figure. In future, I will not respond to any questions about him. Thank you."

Mike also issued a similar statement, saying he will not comment on the rumours.

Family time for the Hsus

Yesterday (Aug 23), Dee took to social media to share pics of herself holidaying with Mike and their two younger daughters, Lily, 14, and Alice, 10. Their eldest daughter Elly, 16, "had something on".

In her post, Dee said this was their last vacation for the summer holidays and they went outlet shopping and visited attractions like the Xpark Aquarium in Taoyuan.

And though they spent the entire day at the safari-themed Leofoo Village yesterday, Dee said she and Alice did not get sunburned thanks to their protective suits which “saved” them from the harsh sun.

In one of the pics, Dee was seen dressed in neon yellow sweat pants and a matching hoodie, which was zipped all the way up, shielding her face. Only her hands were exposed.

Posing beside her was Alice in a matching yellow outfit. Instead of wearing the hoodie over her head, she donned a huge yellow visor and face mask, which almost completely covered her face.

It must be suffocating to be in that outfit

The outfits might have saved them from the harsh rays, but not curious stares.

“Passers-by kept looking at me. They must be thinking, ‘Her clothes…’ wrote Dee.

We would be thinking the same thing too.

Now this is better

Netizens could not help but poke fun at Dee and Alice, comparing them to fluorescent light sticks, highlighters and even aliens.

There were comments like “So wild”, “Only Alice would entertain you”, and “Aren’t you drawing too much attention to yourself?”.

When Dee replied that no one could tell it’s her in that suit, netizens pointed out that her tote bag, which she’s been using for years, is a giveaway.

“When I see that bag, I know it’s you,” wrote one fan, while another said: “Please, when we see you walking with your husband and kids, it’s difficult to not realise it’s you.”

Time to get a new bag
Photos: Dee Hsu/Facebook



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