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Dee Hsu has changed her mind and now supports her daughter’s wish to become an actress

The Taiwanese host previously admitted that she worries that her daughter Elly would not make it big in showbiz

Dee Hsu has changed her mind and now supports her daughter’s wish to become an actress

It’s no secret that Dee Hsu’s oldest daughter, 13-year-old Elly Hsu, wishes to be an actress when she grows up. The straight-talking host had admitted in February that she pretended to support her daughter while hoping that Elly changes her mind.

Elly had her first professional photoshoot with Vogue Taiwan in July, and garnered praise from netizens for her “superstar aura” and professionalism despite her tender age.

Half a year later, it seems that the 41-year-old is now the one who has changed her mind. Speaking to the media weeks after the spread was published, Dee shared, “I’ll feel proud of my kids if they can do better than me in showbiz. [Elly] told me previously that she wants to go into acting, and the reason why I was against it is because I felt that being in showbiz was too difficult.”

“Now, I’ve realised that I shouldn’t be holding her back from things that she really wants to do, because that will cause her to feel alone and unsupported. I’ve changed the way I think and I’ll support her in whatever she wants to do. However, I’ll draw the line at asking people I know to cast her, because this is something that she has to achieve with her own abilities,” Dee added.

She also shared more about her parenting methods during the interview. “I teach my daughters what bravery is. I want them to be brave enough to be themselves, and I hope that they won’t be tied down by others’ words and do what others expect of them. I want them to be resolute in what they want to do. I’m alright even if they decide they don’t want to get married, and it’s not my style to force them to get married and have children either.”

Dee stresses the importance of money at home, making sure that her girls work for every cent and only spend the money that they earn. She let on, “They need to be capable of fending for themselves, and not rely on anyone for a living or to receive an allowance from someone. That’s how I’ve lived my life too.”

Dee has three daughters with her businessman husband Mike Hsu – Elly, 13, Lily, 11, and Alice, 8.

Photos: PBE Media

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