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Dee Hsu embraces her no-makeup face

The host denounced the flood of selfie-editing apps nowadays

Dee Hsu embraces her no-makeup face

Taiwanese host Dee Hsu has always been open about her private life and thoughts. In December last year, she revealed that she went for Botox and hyaluronic acid injection in a bid to slim down her face.

However, the experience was extremely agonising for her, and she ended up “looking like a zombie” instead. As a result, Dee declared that she would never undergo such aesthetic procedures again in the future.

On Tuesday (March 5), the 40-year-old uploaded a selfie of herself on Instagram. “No need for Meitu, no need for Wuta, no need for Foodie," she wrote in the caption, referring to several selfie-editing apps for smartphones. "[Looking at it] from a different point of view, living life while being true [to yourself] is okay as well. Regardless of how much you embellish [your selfies], will you be able to embellish your character and your thinking [in real life]?”

In the picture, which appears to be taken at her house, Dee can be seen posing with no makeup on her face, nor did she appear to use any filters to brighten the picture.

“Forget it, I’ll get mocked for thinking too highly of myself,” she added in her caption later.

The majority of comments were positive, with fans praising her for her clear skin and self-confidence. However, true to her prediction, there were a number of negative comments as well, criticising her for “fishing for compliments”.

Photos: PBE Media

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