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Daniel Wu Sells His Gorgeous Oakland Mansion For S$550K Profit

There’s a reason Daniel has a degree in architecture. 

Daniel Wu Sells His Gorgeous Oakland Mansion For S$550K Profit

Actor Daniel Wu, 47, recently took his wife, Lisa S., and their nine-year-old daughter Raven to the premiere of the fourth season of American sci-fi series Westworld, in which he stars. 

The American-born Daniel, who is originally from Oakland California, is reportedly planning to move to Los Angeles for Raven’s education and for his burgeoning Hollywood career.  

Daniel and his family at the Westworld premiere

The couple has also sold their house in Oakland. 

It was revealed that Daniel bought the house for S$5.4mil in 2020, and recently sold it for S$5.95mil. The buyer reportedly paid for the house in cash, with the actor earning S$550K in profit.

Even more impressive than the profit, say some netizens, is the house’s gorgeous design. 


The envy-inducing backyard and swimming pool

The five-bedroom mansion is located in Oakland’s Upper Rockridge neighbourhood, which is touted as an “upper-class” district and one of the best places to live in California.

Daniel, who graduated from University of Oregon's College of Design in 1997 with a bachelor's degree in architecture was said to have placed a lot of importance on the design and furnishing of the house.

Spanning 367sqm, the house is designed with a modern, minimalist theme.

It comes with a garden in the backyard, swimming pool, barbecue area and lounge area with a bar and sofa seating.

The house also has a large master bedroom, an indoor gym and a study room which faces the sea.

But enough of us talking. Scroll down to see pics of the Daniel’s house.

The living room, which was praised for it's simple yet classy decor
The study room, which has a really, really nice view
A home gym which Daniel used to keep fit
And this really large bathroom

Photos: Sinchew News

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