Could Elva Hsiao be returning to showbiz soon?

The singer announced that she was going on an indefinite hiatus last March


Taiwanese singer Elva Hsiao sparked concern among her fans in August 2017, when she postponed her plans for a new album and cancelled a concert tour in China.

It was later reported that her health suffered greatly from the immense stress that she put herself under while preparing for her comeback, and the Mando-pop star announced an indefinite hiatus, where she would also stay off social media to recuperate.

Elva has only updated her social media pages sporadically since announcing her hiatus, updating fans that she is doing well. It was only yesterday (April 11), however, when she posted a selfie for the first time in almost a year.

With shoulder-length hair covering her face, she looked to have lost a bit of weight since fans last saw her. Accompanying the selfie was the caption, “Miss me?? I miss ME (sic)”. Her fans took the opportunity to shower well-wishes on her, with some wondering if her lilac-coloured hair means that she is preparing to make a showbiz comeback soon.

In December, she posted a letter on her Instagram which read, “Dear Elva, I thought of something that I want to tell you. In the journey of life, there’s a lot that you need to grab a hold of and let go off. If you keep moving forward, you won’t be able to see the beauty of things such as sunrises. Even if you encounter storms midway, it’s just a chance for you to refresh yourself. Let’s become better versions of ourselves together.”

Her fans have assured her repeatedly that her health is of utmost importance, and that they will wait for her for however long she needs before she makes her comeback.

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