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Christy Chung undergoes IVF treatment: ‘It’s not as easy as you think’

The actress hopes to have two babies with her husband Golden Zhang

Christy Chung undergoes IVF treatment: ‘It’s not as easy as you think’
Hot mama Christy Chung may be pushing 50 but she’s still doggedly determined to bear a child for her husband Golden Zhang.
The former model has been very vocal about her plans to conceive again when she married Golden, who is 12 years her junior, in 2016. Last year, Christy was spotted at the gynecologist and shared that she was on a healthy no-sugar diet and has abstained from cold food, alcohol, caffeine in order to prepare her body for pregnancy.

The 48-year-old has started to gain weight due to the treatment and was spotted looking a little fleshier than usual at an event. Questions about her attempts to get pregnant were brought up again and Christy took to Weibo to share her thoughts on Sunday night.

“All along, my husband and I have always wanted two healthy babies that belong to us, regardless of gender – boy or girl, as I believe they are heaven’s presents to me. I’m grateful, I’m hopeful and that is why I am working hard on staying positive and cooperating with my doctor’s treatment, trying for an IVF baby. I can’t help but admit that [conceiving via IVF] is not as easy as imagined in the current state of my body,” she wrote.

It has been six months since Christy embarked on her IVF journey and the mother-of-three shared that the hormonal medication causes her to ‘gain weight’ and ‘look old’. That said, Christy thinks her sacrifices are all worthwhile because “I really want a baby.”

Christy married Golden in 2016 after they met on the set of Chinese reality dating series, If You Love. The Canadian-born actress first walked down the aisle with actor Glen Ross in 1998 before divorcing him in 2002; the couple has a 20-year-old daughter, Yasmine. In 2003, she married music producer Jon Yen and has two daughters with him, Jaden and Cayla, the couple filed for a divorce in 2011.

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