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Christy Chung gets labelled as a “slave to her uterus”

A self-professed relationship expert claimed that the 48-year-old is overly obsessed with getting pregnant

Christy Chung gets labelled as a “slave to her uterus”

Christy Chung has publicly shared her desire to get pregnant after getting married with Golden Zhang, who is 12 years younger than she is.

Soon after the couple tied the knot, news of the former model heading to the United States to undergo IVF treatment emerged, with the 48-year-old reportedly putting on weight due to the medicine she has consumed in order to boost her fertility.

However, it seems that Golden has had the last straw with a recent piece published by a self-professed Chinese relationship expert, which was titled, ‘48-year-old Christy Chung cried while promising her husband that she “will give birth soon”: Please don’t let your love life become a slave to your uterus’.

In response to the article, Golden wrote, “My wife has never received any injections. Neither has she consumed any hormone drugs. I’ve never given her any pressure (to get pregnant). The only thing she is doing is trying to sleep early, wake up early, eat well and exercise in order to balance her hormone levels.”

He continued, “I’m really speechless! How bad can a person’s character get? What does traffic (to your webpage) do for you? Can you feel at ease?”

Netizens have had mixed responses to his tirade. While some supported him for protecting his wife, some have wondered if he overreacted, pointing out the fact that both Golden and Christy are public figures and will therefore be under scrutiny by both the media and the masses.

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