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Christine Fan slammed for claiming that she is from Harvard

She explained her statement made on TV that led many to believe that she was from the Ivy League college

Christine Fan slammed for claiming that she is from Harvard

On Thursday (May 9), Taiwanese singer Christine Fan spoke up on her Weibo account to address claims that she had deliberately misled the public into thinking that she had attended the prestigious Harvard University.

“I studied at Harvard’s extension school, as well as Pomona College and University of Massachusetts Amherst,” she wrote, adding, “I did not disguise my educational background.”

She also added that the continued accusations had saddened her greatly, but she did not step out to clear the air as she “did not have much to say, and was lazy to explain things”.

Back in 2000, Christine was known for having both beauty and smarts, even going on television to share more about her education. Following her Weibo post, netizens dug up a video clip of Christine on a talk show shortly after her showbiz debut.

When asked if she was indeed a Harvard student, Christine replied, “Yes, (I’m currently in my) second year”. When the other guests congratulated her, commenting that “it's not easy to get into Harvard”, Christine did not comment further on the matter.

It was also revealed that Christine had originally been studying tax law in Pomona College, before transferring to Harvard Extension School in her second year to read economics. However, one semester later, she returned to Taiwan to pursue her singing career, and did not complete her degree.

At a promotional event after her Weibo clarification, Christine was asked once again about her claims, with many focused on the video where she did not clarify that she was not studying at Harvard University itself.

“I didn't answer the question well at the time,” she admitted. “ Harvard Extension School is a renowned educational institute as well. I hope that everyone will not judge me without knowing the truth."

Adding on, Christine shared that this was something that happened 20 years ago.

“This time, I can tear off the ‘bookwarm' tag that has been attached to me for so long. I feel a sense of relief. I don't have to explain this any more in the future,” she said.

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