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Chinese Netizens Aren't Happy With Coco Lee Saying “I Am From Singapore” In A Douyin Dance Clip

A fun little social media challenge gone slightly awry.

Chinese Netizens Aren't Happy With Coco Lee Saying “I Am From Singapore” In A Douyin Dance Clip

Hongkong-born American pop diva Coco Lee is a pretty age-defying star in more ways than one: the 45-year-old still sports a super toned bod that girls half her age would kill for, and she also loves posting stuff on TikTok, which is stereotypically considered a Gen Z thing.

While her fun little videos are often well-received, one of her latest updates, which was originally uploaded to Douyin (the Chinese version of TikTok) and also shared on her Facebook on Monday (Nov 9), caused quite a stir among netizens, especially those from China.

Why? Well, at the beginning of the 10-second clip, a voice is heard saying “I am from Singapore” in Mandarin, which Coco mouths along to before dancing to the instantly recognisable — not to mention insanely catchy — intro of K-pop song ‘Abracadabra’ with her older sister Nancy (see below).

No prizes for guessing exactly which part Chinese netizens were freaking out over.

​​​​​​​Coco’s ‘statement’ prompted netizens to demand, “Are you from China or Singapore?”, to which the singer reportedly responded with, “I am from Hongkong, China.” However, media outlets have pointed out that her comment can no longer be found, which means she may have deleted it.

In any case, we doubt it was meant to be a serious declaration of her nationality. We did some digging around and discovered that the background track Coco and Nancy were dancing to is actually a remix that’s used for a popular Douyin dance challenge. Many other users who took on this challenge can be seen mouthing along to “I am from Singapore” as well, regardless of their actual origins.

And that particular phrase that got Coco into trouble for a while didn’t even come from an actual Singaporean — it was uttered by Chinese idol and TFBoys member Karry Wang while acting in a scene from a skit called TFamily’s Story.

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