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Chinese Actor Liu Jin Out Of Work For 8 Months, Now Sells Tea Eggs, Scavenges Recyclables To Make A Living

Don't call him down and out though. He says such jobs are “nothing to be ashamed of” and that earning money with his own hands is an “honourable” thing.


More than two years after Covid-19 wreaked havoc on the world, many in showbiz are still struggling to make ends meet, taking on part-time jobs to get by.

Recently, Chinese actor Liu Jin revealed in a video on Douyin that he has not had an acting job in the past eight months and now sells tea eggs for a living.

Best known for his role as actress Wang Zhi’s groom in 2015 comedy Goodbye Mr Loser, the actor also collects recyclables to sell to supplement his income.

He works hard for his money

In the clip, Liu Jin can be seen sitting on a red stool, selling tea eggs from a steel container at his makeshift stall.

He shared that he had three projects lined up but due to the Covid-19 situation in China, they are all in limbo and he hasn’t had any income in months.

Rather than stay home and do nothing, he decided to start a stall selling tea eggs at a Hengdian market.

He gets up at 4am every morning to prepare the eggs so that he can open shop at 5am to catch the breakfast crowd. He also expressed his desire to return to his hometown to find work.

When asked by netizens why he is reduced to such a state — he is after all an award-winning actor — Liu Jin responded, saying that such jobs are “nothing to be ashamed of”.

In fact, he feels that earning money with his own hands is an “honourable” thing.

"I made another 50 yuan today (S$10). This way, I don’t have to spend money on food, water, and electricity. Labour work creates a better life, it is nothing to be ashamed of,” he said

“I’m not doing badly at all. I’m a winner in life. Put down your pride, you will be able to adapt,” he added.

Many netizens were impressed by Liu Jin’s positive attitude and praised him for being adaptable and a good role model.

“People who work hard deserve respect,” wrote one netizen, while another said: “[He is] Flexible and adaptable. Any occupation is as good as another.”

He collects recyclables to sell too

Born in Heilongjiang, Liu Jin enrolled in the Beijing Film Academy to become an actor. He made his showbiz debut in Chinese medical drama Vigorous Life in 2004 and over the years, he has acted in more than 200 works, mostly in supporting roles or bit parts.

He became a household name after appearing in Goodbye Mr Loser, and later won Best Supporting Actor for his role in Jingzhi Jiao Tong Zhan at the Bali International Film Festival in 2016.

Photos: Liu Jin/Weibo



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