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Cheryl Wee, Roy Fong welcome baby girl to the family

She is the couple’s second child

Cheryl Wee, Roy Fong welcome baby girl to the family

Local actress-entrepreneur Cheryl Wee and her husband, Roy Fong, have welcomed their second child, a daughter, to the world on September 9.

“Waking up this morning, we never thought we’ll be welcoming you today. You sure know how to choose an auspicious birth date for yourself, little baby girl,” Roy wrote on his Instagram at close to 7pm. It was accompanied by a black and white photo of him, Cheryl, and their daughter.

Shortly after 9pm, Cheryl updated her Instagram with a post of her own.

“The cramps that kept me up all night was worth every bit. I was even thinking that the cramps would subside by morning and I could go ahead with work as planned. But everything is made perfect in God’s time. Welcome to the world little baba (as coined by Kor Kor Marc),” the 32-year-old wrote. Her post was accompanied by a different photo of the two of them with their bundle of joy.

Cheryl and Roy spoke to Toggle over the phone a day after the birth of their daughter, where they shared more about the newest addition to their family.

Cheryl chuckled that her early birth took them both by surprise.

“Before I delivered Marc, I felt pain every night for five or six nights. I thought it was something like that,” she shared. “It was really painful on Sunday night, but my waterbag didn’t burst and there was no bleeding.”

They decided to visit the doctor in the morning, and arrived at the hospital before the clinic was scheduled to open.

“We were 30 minutes early before the clinic opened, so we went to the delivery room to have a look around,” Roy added. “The nurses took one look and said to Cheryl, ‘There’s no need for you to see the doctor – you’re in labour.”

“Her due date was supposed to be on September 20. Marc was born at full term, so we expected her to arrive around the same as well. She’s about one and a half weeks early.”

Cheryl delivered her second child naturally, though she needed an epidural. “It’s necessary for me because I can’t really take pain,” she quipped.

A healthy girl, who weighs 3kg, was delivered within hours of arriving at the hospital.

The pair has yet to decide on a name for their bundle of joy, but have shortlisted a couple of names and will decide on her name in the coming days.

How has Marc taken the news?

“Marc’s seen her, but he’s only 16 months old so I think he hasn’t really grasped what a sister is yet,” Roy shared. “When he came yesterday, he called her baba and patted her.”

Cheryl added that there’s been zero jealousy from their firstborn so far. “He’s very friendly and he has the biggest heart so we hope he’ll be a great older brother. We didn’t use the method that parents are fond of – buying him a present and saying that it’s from his younger sibling. Both Roy and I have siblings, so we know what it’s like to have one,” she let on.

Both mother and daughter are slated to be discharged tomorrow, although you shouldn’t expect Cheryl to jump straight into work.

She mused, “I went back to work 28 days after giving birth to Marc, but I’ll give myself a longer confinement period this time around. It really takes a toll on the body if you rush into things, so I got a bit sick after doing that. I’ve learned my lesson so I’ll rest a little more.”

Cheryl and Roy, who got to know each other when they were just 17, tied the knot in a fairytale wedding in July 2017. Their son Marc was born on April 26, 2018.

Photos: Cheryl Wee/Instagram, Roy Fong/Instagram

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