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Cheryl Wee Is Marrying Man Who Was Asked To Be A Priest 5 Times

And they've been engaged for a year now.

Cheryl Wee Is Marrying Man Who Was Asked To Be A Priest 5 Times

On Feb 1, Cheryl Wee posted on Instagram "To the happiest YES I ever said. 5 months from today, I'm gonna be your Mrs." Yes, the 29-year-old actress and daughter of beauty maven Jean Yip is getting hitched to her first love, whom she’s known since she was 17. Wait, she was attached?

Wee against the world: Cheryl and fiancé Roy, both 29, posing for their Save the Date shoot. They’ll be shooting their wedding pics in Florence, Italy, in April.

8 DAYS: Congrats on your engagement! Tell us more about your fiancé.
His name is Roy and he’s an architect. He’s a very thoughtful person who’s always putting others before himself. A few years ago, his dad was supposed to go for heart surgery. But my mum asked him to write a [prayer of] petition and miraculously, his dad recovered. After that, Roy converted to Catholicism. He was actually asked to be a priest five times by five different priests over the course of a few years. The last priest jokingly said to him, “Since you’ve rejected [priesthood] five times, then you better just get married (laughs).”

How did you guys meet?
When we were in Victoria Junior College. I had spotted him in a 7-Eleven and I remember feeling like he was a familiar stranger. I told my friend about him and she said that he was VJC’s top tennis player. One day in the canteen, my friend asked me to sit with her but I told her I couldn’t ’cos [my view of Roy would be blocked] (laughs). It turned out that she knew him and so she called him to come over. That very night, he called her to ask her to ask me out for lunch. When she called me, I was very shy, so I said, “Oh, no, don’t want lah.” He was listening in on the call so he thought I wasn’t interested (laughs).

Wang in a million: Cheryl reveals that she bought two Vera Wang gowns for the church wedding and dinner at Ritz Carlton on July 1. “I was very lucky. I was in London with my parents for work and Roy made bookings for me with some boutiques, including Vera Wang,” she said. “I tried on about 18 gowns over the past few months. But when I wore that particular gown, I knew it was the one.”

How did he propose?
We’ve put an embargo on this. Only our immediate family members know what happened. We’re going to release [the proposal footage] on the wedding day itself. What I can say is that it was a very well-executed proposal.

How’s the wedding prep coming along?
He proposed on Jan 12, 2016 so we’ve had a year and a half to prepare. But I’m enjoying myself so much that I wish this whole process was even longer. Roy’s a lot more hands-on than I am. He got a wedding planner, and he’s the one liaising with our banquet person in Ritz Carlton — he does everything.

Wait. Did you say a year? Why keep it a secret for so long?
There’s no particular reason. Maybe ’cos My Love Sinema was launched late last year, and I didn’t want the news to clash. And my intention was never to release the news [for publicity] (laughs). It’s purely ’cos I wanted to share the happy things in my life on my social media. I usually keep my personal life private.

Weeee, this looks like fun: The couple with Cheryl’s parents, Mervin Wee and Jean Yip, at a family friend’s wedding last year.

How much are you planning to splash on the wedding?
This one I cannot tell you lah (laughs). It’s a bit [sensitive]. Honestly, I haven’t counted [the costs] yet. But it’s not about how much money you put in, but where you put your money. For us, we want the guests to have a really memorable time. Roy says that when you go for weddings, it’s always dinner and that’s it. He wanted something [different]. So he had this crazy idea of us doing a musical. I was like, “Huh, we have to perform?” (Laughs)


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