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Cheryl Wee “had a bit of a scare” during second pregnancy

The actress-entrepreneur’s second child is due in late September this year

Cheryl Wee “had a bit of a scare” during second pregnancy
Cheryl announced her second pregnancy in a subtle way at Marc's 1st birthday party

Cheryl announced her second pregnancy in a subtle way at Marc's 1st birthday party

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When Cheryl Wee told us that she was hoping to give her son Marc a younger sibling by this year at the Fresh! Takes press conference last month, little did we know that said younger sibling was already a bun in her oven by then.

According to the actress-entrepreneur, she and her architect hubby Roy Fong discovered she was expecting about two days before her sister Rachel Wee’s January nuptials, but they decided to keep the good news to themselves until after the wedding. However, it seems like her parents, beauty mogul Jean Yip and Mervin Wee, could have already seen the announcement coming.

“My dad met my gynaecologist at a wedding in late December and said, ‘My daughter will come and see you soon.’ I told him, ‘Wah, you knew I was pregnant even before I did! (Laughs)” Cheryl recounted to us over WhatsApp. She is currently around 18 weeks along, with the baby due sometime in late September.

Cheryl found out she was pregnant not long before her sister Rachel's wedding in January

Naturally, the couple is over the moon about the addition to their young brood, especially since they’ve always wanted their first and second kids to be close in age ( Marc turns 1 this Friday) so that the older one wouldn’t be alone. That said, she clarified that while she and Roy had “a rough plan” for baby number two, they didn’t make specific arrangements down to the very last detail. “We just kind of went with the flow and tried.”

One important factor that she kept in mind was her role in Fresh! Takes short flick Soul Connection. “I wanted to try and avoid that period [of shooting] to get pregnant because I remember my morning sickness with Marc was pretty bad,” she explained.

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Thankfully, Cheryl succeeded, because she reported that her morning sickness this time around was way worse than when she was expecting Marc. “I was really, really nauseous; some days it got so bad that [my gynaecologist] Dr. Tseng gave me anti-nausea pills just so I could keep my food down.”

She also recalled “a bit of a scare” she went through around the Chinese New Year period. “I suddenly started spotting and bleeding, so I had to cut down on work and stop moving about, and had to pretty much just be lying down all the time.”

Fortunately, things seem to be fine now, but Cheryl will continue being extra careful and take things easy during her confinement period. “I think I didn’t rest enough after I had Marc so I found myself falling ill quite often, which kind of affected the early part of this pregnancy because my immunity is weaker, causing more downtime,” she shared. “But once everything settles, I intend to keep the engine running and figure out a way to balance work, acting gigs, and my family.”

She continued, “Right after I gave birth to Marc, I really wanted to cut down on everything else and spend all my time with him, but I believe I find fulfilment in having a good career I’m proud of too. And besides, I do have the best of so many worlds: with my own business [Ed’s note: she runs a wellness company], I have the flexibility of time, so what’s there to complain about? I can work and still watch my kids grow up.”

As for whether she and Roy will become the parents of another baby boy or a baby girl, she laughed and admitted that even they don’t know yet. “Dr. Tseng is chill that way - he said, ‘No need to do the blood test lah, just scan the old-fashioned way and find out’, so we’ll see. (Laughs)”

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